Data privacy policy

PAUL GLASER Entertainment thanks you for your interest in our company and products. Please read the entire data privacy policy carefully before you make use of this website, pages and subsites thereof (referred to as “Website” in the following). Stipulated within this data privacy policy are the types of data being gathered on this website by PAUL GLASER Entertainment or by third parties on behalf of PAUL GLASER Entertainment , as well as how your person-related data are being protected. If you do not agree to the data privacy policy you are not allowed to make use of the Website. This data privacy policy can be modified from time to time. As a result, please reread the policy regularly.

In general

Please note: To be able to use several functions or activities and gain access to several of our products and services, in certain areas of the Website you must enter data which can be used to identify you, for example e-mail address, name, telephone number or national insurance number (“person-related data”). This is why you must fully understand the collection, use and transfer of such person-related data as per the terms & conditions stated in this data privacy policy and unequivocally agree to their collection, use and transfer.

Collection and use of person-related data and other user information

The information sent by you to PAUL GLASER Entertainment is protected by German and European data protection laws. Your person-related data are recorded and administrated by PAUL GLASER Entertainment in order to facilitate the use of our products and/or online services. If you communicate additional person-related data to us in order to obtain information from us, for instance in the form of brochures or catalogues, this data shall be gathered by us and stored. The use of this data enables us to supply you with the information you requested. Said data are stored in an appropriately secured and safeguarded environment for as long as PAUL GLASER Entertainment holds the opinion that such storage improves communication with you. If you would like to have your data completely or partially deleted, please contact PAUL GLASER Entertainment, Biedermannplatz 19, 22083 Hamburg, Germany, Tel.:………………., paulglaser@mac.com. Under certain circumstances PAUL GLASER Entertainment can request additional information from you – the details of which are not mandatory – so that we can become better acquainted with you as a customer, carry out direct marketing or invite you to take part in promotional competitions. The response to such queries seeking additional information is left up to you. PAUL GLASER Entertainment furthermore gathers data that are not related to a person via use of the website. These data are compiled in a pooled form and used solely for internal purposes so that we can improve your online experience and facilitate your visit to the website. PAUL GLASER Entertainment can correlate this data containing users’ person-related data in order to determine which users access which material. This, in turn, enables us to improve the Website. PAUL GLASER Entertainment does not knowingly gather person-related data from children under the age of 18 and does not address its Website to such persons. We advise parents and legal guardians to keep an eye on children’s activities online.

Transfer of person-related data

PAUL GLASER Entertainment transfers none of the person-related data (with the exception of data transferred via redirections) you indicate on the Website to third parties, unless this occurs (a) with your consent; (b) upon statutory or judicial regulation; (c) towards the safeguarding or defence of rights or property belonging to PAUL GLASER Entertainment; (d) towards the protection of the personal safety of website users; (e) to persons or enterprises with which PAUL GLASER Entertainment has concluded contracts pertaining to internal work on the Website or internal work on our company; or (f) in the event of justified presumption that said data are governed by laws, binding rules or covenants that adhere to principles for the proper handling and commensurate protection of person-related data. PAUL GLASER Entertainment reserves the right to contact the official authorities in charge at its discretion whenever activities become known that are illegal or violate the terms & conditions of use as stipulated by PAUL GLASER Entertainment.


Cookies might possibly be used on the Website. These cookies deal with small text files which contain information stored on your computer as a result of the websites you have visited on the internet. Cookies make it easier for us to offer additional functions on the Website and analyse website usage. There are two types of cookies: One type is used to ‘note’ information such as your username and password. Such cookies are stored on your computer as long as you do not log out from that particular service. If you activate the function “Don’t ask me (for my username and password) again”, this type of cookie is not stored on your computer. The other type of cookie is termed a ‘session cookie’. As one example, these cookies record which language you have selected on an internet website. Cookies of this type are temporarily stored in your computer’s random access memory during your visit to an internet website. A session cookie is not stored on your computer for long and is normally deleted when you close your internet browser. PAUL GLASER Entertainment wants to provide its customers with better-attuned, better co-ordinated information through the use of such cookies.
If you do not want to allow the use of cookies via PAUL GLASER Entertainment you can configure the settings on most browsers so that cookies are not accepted. However, the functions on the Website and your use thereof may be restricted as a result.


PAUL GLASER Entertainment obligates itself to undertake appropriate steps so that the person-related data collected by us are correct, complete and up to date. On the other hand, you too are obliged to only enter person-related data which are correct, complete and up to date at the time they are logged in. If you notice at a later date that the person-related data we have stored are not correct, complete or up to date, we shall carry out appropriate steps towards correcting the data following notification in writing.


Even though PAUL GLASER Entertainment is unable to completely rule out unauthorised access, you can be sure that PAUL GLASER Entertainment pays meticulous attention towards protecting your person-related data and towards preventing unauthorised access to this data via appropriate technologies and internal processes.

Other websites

The Website may contain links to websites from third parties. PAUL GLASER Entertainment does not inspect these third-party websites that might possibly be linked to its Website and is not responsible for their content or data privacy policies. Websites of this nature can store their own cookies on your computer and/or collect and treat person-related data differently from the way we do. Please make yourself familiar with the data privacy policies of websites from third parties before you utilise them.


PAUL GLASER Entertainment reserves the right to modify, edit, enlarge or reduce this data privacy policy in whole or in part at its discretion at any time and without prior announcement. Changes made to this data privacy policy are effective as of their publication on the Website. If you continue to use the Website following changes made to the data privacy policy, this is deemed as acceptance of those changes made.